Summer Bucket List
4. Go fishing
I went fishing yesterday. I caught a baby shark. Those are not my hands. -Michelle 
14. Go to an outdoor concert or performance
This was taken at PNC Bank Arts Center when I saw Demi Lovato on tour. I was really close to the stage and almost died. -Michelle 
#25 Get Drunk
Here is a cliche iPhone picture with red cups to display our summertime fun. It was a good night though. 

The List

1. Go to Great Adventure

2. Go to a water park

3. Do yoga

4. Go fishing

5. Take a U.S. roadtrip

6. Make a real life sandcastle

7. Have a water balloon fight

8. Learn how to play guitar

9. Watch the sun rise on the beach

10. Get drunk on the beach

11. Go to Warped Tour

12. Learn to ride a bike

13. Go to a diner after midnight

14. Go to an outdoor concert or performance

15. Have a picnic

16. Do a giant puzzle

17. Go backyard camping

18. Make smores

19. Learn how to cook

20. Prepare an entire meal by myself

21. Skinny dip/ skinny hottub

22. Get drunk in a hottub

23. Go to the museum of Natural History

24. Walk through Central Park

25. Get drunk

26. Go to the NYC gay pride parade

27. Read the Harry Potter series

28. Read as many books as possible

29. Watch as many movies as possible

30. Decorate my room

31. Get my nose pierced